USLIA Dues Information

USLIA Annual Dues

Dues are presently set at $100 per year per lot. This dues amount was established in 2009. Prior to 2009 dues were set at $75.00 per year per lot.

How are Annual Dues Used

  • Weed spraying: The USLIA contracts with PLM Lake Management to spray for weeds in our lake annually. PLM sprays multiple times to combat weeds and algae in the lake.

  • Street lights: The street lights around the lake are owned by the Association and we are responsible for their upkeep and the electrical bill.

  • Outlot improvements: Outlots are lots that are owned by Association for access by property owners to the lake. We continue to monitor and improve outlots annually.

  • Maintenance and Repair of Dams: The USLIA is responsible for managing and maintaining Upper Silver Lake South Dam and Upper Upper Silver Dam (outlot I)

  • Fish plantings: Fish are planted each year in Upper Upper and Upper Silver Lake

  • Security: On major holidays we hire security to manage the boat ramp area and ensure only property owners and their guests are using the lake.

  • Other annual expenses: Postage, legal, insurance, printing supplies, buoys, and taxes

If you are a property owner and are interested in learning more about our budget please email us at