Boat Parade

The Upper Silver Lake Boat parade will be held on Fourth of July Weekend. Boats need to head to the island for the start of the parade.


What's the purpose of our boat parade? To celebrate our nation's birthday, of course!

Here are some tips and ideas for decorating your boat

1- It will be dark so you'll need lights. Red, white, and blue lights aren't always easily obtained so start looking early. If you're powering your boat lights from your boat power (12 volt), you'll either have to get a voltage converter or use a generator if you really have a big setup. If you're an electrical engineer

Fourth of July lights from Amazon here

2- LED lights take considerably less amp draw from your boat. LED = more lights. For the boater geeks consider the amperage output of your alternator when determining your light set up.

3- If you are electrically minded, need something to do, check out this post here. The author explains how to convert a 110VAC strand of lights to 12 volts DC.

4- For the record, there historically has been a boat University of Michigan boat. Michigan State fans take note, you have been consistently outdone each year. Perhaps 2015 will change that...

5- Dollar stores might offer lights for cheap. Then there's Menards which is also an option. Reading this last minute? Ace in Hart had some light strings last year but the selection was really small.

6- If you're in the parade, at 9:30pm when you take your boat out, there will typically be a little twilight. When you come back to dock, it will be pitch dark. If you haven't driven in the dark on Upper Silver Lake, keep that in mind and think about how easy it will be to dock in the dark. Consider leaving lights out so you can get back into your shore station/dock safely.

7- Have fun and take pictures!