Upper Silver Lake Rentals

Each year some of our members choose to rent their properties. To those owners who choose to rent:

You have an obligation to inform your renters of the rules of the lake such as counterclockwise traffic movement only and high speed boating hours are only from 11am until 7:30pm.

Renters should be aware of the Golden Township noise ordinance ($500 fine or 90 days imprisonment, enforced by Sheriff's department) 11:00pm - 7:00am quiet hours.

You also have an obligation to let your Upper Silver Lake renters know how many persons can reasonably occupy the property based on sleeping area and bathroom capacity. Advertising that you can sleep 14 when you have one bathroom, two parking spots, and a kitchen table for 4 isn't reasonable. You own the property and a responsible landlord does have a reasonable set of rules for tenants.

Consider your neighbors when you make a rental decision!

Upper silver lake rentals