Common Areas

Common areas are lots that the Upper Silver Lake Improvement Association owns.  Many of these lots offer access to association members that do not have a property that fronts the lake.  We are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of these lots, and a portion of property owner dues goes towards maintaining these pieces of property around the lake.  

On the map, Common Areas are highlighted in yellow and the red dots indicate where a USLIA-owned swim raft is located. These rafts are installed in the spring and deinstalled in the fall by Penny Marine Services in coordination with the USLIA board.

We need your help.  While we collect dues and the association pays for a great deal of work around the lake, we still need volunteers to help each year clean up the common areas near them.  If you use a common area, please consider helping us with clean-up projects. Click here to volunteer to help!

Upper Silver Lake Map_outlots_Swimrafts_Spring.pdf

Parcel B  Empty lot between Holiday Drive & 34th Ave.  Access is from Holiday Drive. Property owners can drop organic yard materials such as lawn clippings, small tree branches, leaves, and plant trimmings in this lot from April through November, weather permitting.  PLEASE keep everything in the middle of the lot. No stumps, tree trunks, logs, treated wood, plastic bags, containers, or trash of any kind. ABSOLUTELY NO BURNING!  Removal of waste is a service provided by the USLIA.

Upper silver lake meats mi lot 402

Lot 402  Swing set, slide, and teeter-totter. Located at corner of Sea Pine Drive and Lumberjack

Upper silver lake meats michigan outlot H

Outlot H  Property between Lots 384 and 385 off Sea Pine Drive

sunshine bay upper silver lake michigan

Outlot 121 Property owner lake access in Sunshine Bay (off Fox Road)

Upper silver lake mears michigan 2015

Outlot E  Property owner lake access in Sunshine Bay (approximately at the corner of Lakevilla Court and Ridge Road)

Upper silver lake meats michigan outlot B

Outlot 17 Property owner lake access, off Lakeview Drive

Upper silver lake mears michigan outlet 267

Outlot 267

Upper silver lake meats michigan

Outlot 356  Off White Birch, in Pirate Cove

Outlot 490 Property owner lake access, off Lumberjack Drive

Baker Island  in Upper Silver Lake

Boat Launch