Upper Silver Lake South Dam Repairs

The Upper Silver Lake South dam is the lowest by elevation of the dams on Upper Silver Lake. The dam was engineered and built in 1963-1965. It is approximately 700 feet in length with a water drop box with grate and a spillway pipe that runs through the dam to control the water level of Upper Silver Lake. The discharge water goes into Hunter Creek. In addition, there is a spillway which is designed to take additional high water generally resulting from a high rain storm event over the top of the dam eventually entering Hunter Creek. The spillway also acts as a boat launch ramp for Association Members.

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upper silver lake south dam

Why is the dam important? The dam holds the water to the lake. If the dam would fail catastrophically, we as an association would lose all control in the repair/rebuild process. The county drain commissioner would select the design, select the contractor, and select the construction technique. If water would have to be lowered in the lake, and in the process cause our lake to be unusable for a season, the county wouldn't care. We want to be pro-active and repair the dam before any catastrophic failure.

Current project status: Project complete!

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