Upper Upper Silver Lake Dam

Upper Upper Silver Lake is the small lake to the northeast of Upper SIlver Lake. Property owners around Upper Upper SIlver Lake are in plat 8 of Upper Silver Lake Improvement Association. The dam itself is outlot "I".

Upper Silver Lake Upper dam
Upper silver lake Mears Michigan

During the October, 2014 board meeting, board members approved repairs on the corrugated pipe and spillway of Upper Upper Silver Dam. The corrugated pipe had failed at the base of the face of the Upper Upper Silver Dam. If the corrugated spillway pipe had not been repaired/replaced, significant erosion at the base of the face of the Upper Upper Silver Lake Dam could have caused serious structural problems.

We received the permit November 6, 2014 for the repairs to Upper Upper Silver Dam specifically replacing the failed corrugated metal pipe that was the overflow spillway. The surprise November snow storm delayed the start of construction but construction did begin in December, 2014. The 24" concrete pipe assembly, the new rip rap area where the discharge water goes into Upper Silver, the 1300 cubic yards of fill to flatten the back of the dam slope and increase slope stability and the rough spreading of topsoil was completed. Also the old corrugated pipe was removed from the dam. The lower sections of pipe at the joint were mostly disintegrated. Finish grade and hydro mulch as well as restoring the neighboring lawn will take place in the spring as weather permits. Total investment for this repair: $41,000