Where do dues go?

Dues are presently $100 per year per lot. As a historical reference, the last time annual dues were changed was 2009 when they were $75.00

1. Weed spraying We contract each year with PLM Lake Management to spray for weeds in our lake. PLM sprays multiple times to combat weeds in the lake.

2. Street lights The street lights around the lake are owned by the Association and we are responsible for their upkeep and the electrical bill.

3. Outlot improvements. Outlots are lots that are owned by Association for access by property owners to the lake. We have done extensive work over the past several years to clean lots up and improve them.

4. Maintenance of dams including Upper Silver Lake South dam and Upper Upper Silver Dam (outlot I)

5. Fish plantings. We plant fish each year in Upper Silver Lake

6. Security. On major holidays we hire security to manage the boat ramp area and ensure only property owners and their guest are using the lake.

7. Other annual expenses: postage, legal, insurance, printing supplies, buoys, taxes

Major projects (not necessarily annual expenses):

Upper Silver Lake South Dam repairs

Upper Upper Silver Lake Dam repairs (Upper Upper Silver Dam)


If you are a property owner and are interested in learning more about our budget please email us at uppersilverlakemichigan@gmail.com