Legal Covenants

Upper Silver Lake Association is subdivided into plats.  Each plat has its own set of unique covenants.  Restrictive covenants are primarily used to create, maintain and/or prohibit the continued use and development of general or specific characteristics within a particular area of real property. Under Michigan MCL 559.146 developers or co-owners may impose reasonable restrictions or covenants running with the land upon a subdivision.

When you purchased your property, you should have received a copy of the covenant for your plat from your title company.  As a convenience, we are providing copies here.  These are PDF copies of the originals filed with the Oceana County register of deeds.

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Covenants Overview

Item 1.  UPPER SILVER LAKE CORPORATION desires to impose certain protective covenants, restrictions, and conditions on said plat for the purpose of insuring the use of the entire plat for single family residential purposes only, and for the purpose of preserving and improving the attractive features of the property in the community, and securing to each lot owner the full benefit and enjoyment of his home, with no greater restrictions upon the free and undisturbed use of his property than is necessary to insure the same advantages to other lot owners.

Item 3.  No part of any of the premises above described, may or shall be used for other than single family private residential purposes.

Item 7.  No lot shall be used for any commercial, industrial, or business enterprise, whatsoever, nor for the storing of any equipment or materials used in commercial, industrial or business enterprises.

Item 12.  No noxious or offensive trade or activity shall be carried on upon any lot, nor shall anything be done which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

Item 13.  The owners of all lots in said plat, and owners of land in the area purchased from Upper Silver Lake Corporation and Golden Lake Corporation, together with their families and guests may use, at their own risk, for recreational purposes all Outlots in the Upper Silver Lake Plats.  The general public is specifically excluded from these lots for any purpose whatsoever.

Effective 2017, Golden Township has regulations on short term rentals.  Learn more here

Title companies should contact the association at for information on outstanding dues, assessments, and liens.

Realtors and title companies:  please remind your buyers to email with accurate home postal address information and email/phone contact information.  We have a very active community and we want to ensure all new owners receive our communications!