Boating Reminders

Wake Boat Pending Michigan Legislation

HB 5532 was introduced on February 28, 2024 by Michigan State House Representative Julie Rogers (D) Kalamazoo with bipartisan support. This legislation will require watercraft in “wake sport mode” to be 500 feet or more from a shore or dock and at a depth of 20 feet or more. More information on this legislation and other wake boat resources can be found here.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wake Boat Lake Health Impact Concerns

In September 2022, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources shared a report that included information about the environmental impact of Wake Boats on Michigan inland lakes. This report talks about how Wake Boats erode the shoreline and stir up sediment which often has a high phosphorus content. 

In this report the Michigan Department of Natural Resources shared the following recommendations:

More information is available here

At its deepest point, Upper Silver Lake is 25 feet deep, with many narrow areas and areas that are 15 feet or less. 

USLIA Lake Rules

Violating USLIA rules will result in a fine. The USLIA Board reserves the right to seek damages in addition to fine.

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While a private lake, Upper Silver Lake, is monitored by a Marine Patrol Officer and follows all Michigan Boater Safety and Michigan Department of Natural Resource laws. Tickets may be issued for violations of these laws and regulations. 

NOTE: Persons born on or after July 1, 1996 shall not operate a motorboat unless they have been issued a boating safety certificate. A person who was born after December 31, 1978 shall not operate a Personal Watercraft on Michigan waterways unless they have obtained a boating safety certificate.

Please visit for information on how to obtain a boating safety certificate.

Important things to remember for Upper Silver Lake:

MIDNR fishing regulations and licenses also apply for Upper Silver and Upper Upper Silver lakes details are available here.